Oct 18, 2020 First show all databases, and delete unused, if you install and ... Show tables inside homeassistant database. ... Show all entities logged.. Previous How to delete old device tracker entities shown in UI as "this entity does not ... Next Unable to connect to home assistant while using private address ... Next 2 temporary .db files keep appearing and disapearing, its driving me crazy!. Jun 12, 2020 One of my major bugbears in Home Assistant is there's no proper way to completely delete a device or entity. However, that's not quite true.... Oct 15, 2019 If you have ENTITIES that exist that you want to remove, you delete them from ... Shut down Home Assistant and CAREFULLY (after making a backup of the file) ... Removing the .db file for my MQTT server solved the problem.. Feb 25, 2020 Home Assistant is a home automation platform to manage smart home devices. ... Name it my-network and after that, remove the SD card from the computer. ... DS_Store - Thumbs.db - icon? - . ... Then, when Home Assistant is back, the entities for the new integration would be available for you to use.. Jan 13, 2019 Database contains data from Home Assistant sensors and other entities. The duration how long the data is available is defined by a retention.... I'm trying to rename a device name but I cant since it says "entity is already registered" and I know I had a device called what I want to rename. Tutorials, Instructions, Examples of home automation using Home Assistant. ... If you don't feel comfortable deleting the mosquitto.db file, simply move it to another file ... In the core.restore_state file, find the offending entries and delete them.. Instructions for setting up the native ESPHome API for communication with Home Assistant.. Mar 20, 2019 Home Assistant release with the issue: 0.89.0 Last working Home Assistant ... Delete, it displays "Deleting an entity will not remove it from Home Assistant. ... I deleted the database and removed some unwanted entities from:.. The database is stored in your Home Assistant configuration directory ... happy with the information recorded, but just want to remove some entities or domains.. Apr 5, 2020 For some reason I have a lot of duplicate entities. One of the 2 is unavailable and that is the one I need to delete ... Home Assistant Community ... The only thing I see is Binary file home-assistant_v2.db matches for a grep on.... Dec 4, 2018 There's a database you can delete, and it'll rebuild when you reboot ... r/homeassistant - 2021.7: A new entity, trigger IDs and script debugging. 538a28228e

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